Welcome Home to The Grove Of Skokie North Family

Imagine a premier skilled care senior community that offers advanced clinical care and personalized service within a warm, diverse multi-lingual environment.

Welcome to The Grove Of Skokie, a family-centered community where our primary language is caring. Around the clock, your comfort and peace of mind always come first with our team of compassionate, expert caregivers. Whether your stay with us is long or short, our goal is to enhance your health and wellness and improve your quality of life.

At The Grove Of Skokie, you’ll feel our commitment to you and your family, from the moment you enter our doors.

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The Grove Of Skokie offers a special program designed with the unique needs of the Indian-Pakistani community in mind. You’ll feel well taken care of by doctors and healthcare profess-
ionals who speak Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam. You’ll feel right at home with the cuisine, media, music and activities of your heritage. Click here for more information about the program.


Additionally, we have many Russian- and Romanian-
speaking healthcare professionals on staff.